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NCFE Award in Digital Promotions for Business

help grow your business using the fundamentals of DIGITAL marketing.

Complete the following three units in Digital Promotional Activities for Business, Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Understanding Social Media for Business to gain a NCFE Award.

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Digital Promotional Activities for Business

Digital Promotional Activities


Understanding SEO

Understanding Social Media for Business

Social Media

Full NCFE Certificate in Digital Promotions for Business


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The Role of Digital Media


Data Protection

Understanding the Role of Offline Media in Generating Online Traffic

The Role of Offline Media

Emergent Digital Techniques

Emergent Digital Techniques

Writing Content for Digital Promotions

Content for Digital Promotions

effectiveness of digital activity digital black country

Effectiveness of Digital Activity

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Crowd sourcing

Crowd funding, which (2012) described as ‘the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from many people via the internet’ has become more widely known, especially in the music and gaming industries and for charities. And it could potentially provide capital for SMEs irrespective of sector. Leading brands such as Kickstarter are giving it visibility.
However, crowd funding is but a subset of crowd sourcing. It is a logical extension of the practice of outsourcing, using the internet to generate ideas, distribute tasks, beyond geographical constraints. It could allow a small business to staff up quickly, build distribution networks, and outsource to talented freelancers with low overheads.
There is very little educational content available on crowd sourcing, and this would give the DP programme another USP.

Email marketing

With the onset of mobile websites, apps, push alerts, social media and other exciting developments, it is easy to forget the use of e-mail. However E-mail continues to grow and is forecast to keep growing at a rate of 4.6% each year until beyond 2020 (source; Radicati 2015).
There are new levels of sophistication in what was once seen as the successor to ‘junk mail’.
List building, landing page design, fulfilment and metrics now play a full role. 
However, 58% of B2C and 73% of B2B emails remain unopened (source;, so clearly there is scope for improvement in email campaigns.

Customer service in the digital age

Received wisdom abounds about for each good example of service we tell two people, but bad service makes us tell ten people.
Whatever the truth of such statistics, it is certain that the internet has the power to multiply any service issues whether real, perceived or even false. Trip advisor readily springs to mind here.
These bad reviews can cost a business money, and in 2015, the  Daily Telegraph estimated that one in five businesses had lost £30,000 due to bad reviews.
Effective strategies are needed, especially for small businesses, to prevent and deal with any bad publicity.

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